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நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு பிரதான உற்பத்திகள் சமைக்க தேங்காய்ப் பால்மா, கிறீம்

சமைக்க தேங்காய்ப் பால்மா, கிறீம்

The Coconut milk is filtered and combined with natural ingredients. The mixture is then homogenized, spray dried and packed in order to produce a high quality hygienic product. Human involvement is minimal, from milk extraction to packing. When reconstituted, the coconut milk is similar to the freshly squeezed coconut milk. The colour, aroma , and texture of the original material are effectively retained.




  • Confectionery Bakery
  • Ice cream

Sri Lankan Coconut Milk Powder.....

  • Is 100% natural
  • Free of Preservatives and artificial flavours
  • Is a superior flavour enhancer
  • Ensuring a smooth texture and creamy taste
  • Milk powder contains 70% to 80% natural coconut fat
  • Milk powder has a long shelf life and the coconut flavour remains unchanged


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