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Coconut Development Authority conducts Copra and Fresh Coconut Auction regularly with the objective of ensuring remunerative nut prices to all stakeholders.

Colombo Fresh Coconut Auction at 10 Am every Thursday of the week. Auction is conducted by the officers of the CDA and attended by Auctioneers, Brokers, Dealers and Estate owners.  Information regarding coconut lots should be submitted to the CDA by Post/telephone/Fax or E-mail by the seller before 12.00 am of every Monday of the week and CDA issue catalogue relating to coconut lots on or before 4.15 Pm every Monday of the week.

Coconut parcels are auctioned by way of competitive biding at the auction.  Coconut lots are auctioned to the highest bid for which the supplier satisfied.

Regional Fresh Coconut Auction Kuliyapitiya
Auction is conducted at the Sirimadura Reception Hall at Kuliyapiitya at 10.00 Am in 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Coconut lots should be submitted to the CDA by Post/telephone/fax or E-mail by estate owners.
Copra Auction  Prices (2006 – 2011) Copra auction is conducted at every Thursday at the CDA at 11.00 Am. The information of the copra parcels with the respective samples should be submitted to the CDA by 9.30 am on the day of the Auction.  The documents relating to the copra parcels are issued by 11.00 Am and officer of the CDA inspects the quality of copra samples. After inspecting this information by registered buyers of CDA can bid for copra parcels and buy them.

Latest Auction Prices

Fresh Coconut Auction - Colombo  16/01/2015)
(Rs. 1000 Nuts)
Top Price Rs.49,400.00
Average Price Rs.40,623.61
Lowest Price Rs.32,500.00
Next Auction on 22/01/2015
Fresh Coconut Auction - Kuliyapitiya (13/01/2015)
(Rs. 1000 Nuts)
Top Price (without husk)
Average Price Rs. 46,348.00
Lowest Price (without husk)
Next Auction on 10/02/2015
Copra Auction Prices - Colombo (16/01/2015)
(Rs. 250 Kgs.)
Milling Superior (MS1)
Top Price -
Avg.  Price -
Lowest Price -
MS 2 & MS3
Top price Rs.41,000.00
Avg. Price
Rs. 36,201.97
Lowest Price Rs.35,500.00
Next Auction on 22/01/2015
Last Updated on Friday, 16 January 2015 09:34