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ඔබ මෙතනයි:  මුල් පිටුව නිෂ්පාදන
වෙනත් නිෂ්පාදන

‍රබර් මිශ්‍ර කොහු නිෂ්පාදන

Rubberized Coir mattresses

This is manufactured out of natural coir fibre and natural latex. As twisted coir fibre is un twisted and used to form the mattress it has unique spring effect and good for health. Available in difference sizes and thickness.

Rubberized coir spring cover sheets / pads spring cover is produced by using rubberized coir which gives the comfort, flexibility and insulation to the mattress.

Rubberized coir pads could be used in upholstery with various sizes.


පොල් විනාකිරි / පැණි

Coconut Vinegar

Used in preperation of pickles, salads, sauces, cooking and various others as a preservative and flavouring agent







Coconut Treacle


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කොහු ලණු සහ කඹ

Coir Twine

Coir Twine is mechanically manufactured of using Bristle Fibre 1 Tie / Omat Fibre with a guide thread by cotton or nylon centre which is comparatively long lasting and higher tensile strength.






  • Thickness – 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Moisture – less than 18%
  • Number of curls per Foot - 35 to 48
  • Breaking strength average – 60 Lbs


Hop industry, Agriculture, Oyestre culture, Construction industry. Fisheries and raw material in Geo textiles


Coir Yarn

Coir yarn is manufactured either with white or brown fibre and is manually or semi mechanically spun. The industry mostly confined to coastel belt of the island.







  • 4 mm – 5 mm 2 ply


  • Coir yarn is exported in bundles of 50kg or in ballots.


Manufacture of mats / matting and carpets, rubber based brush mats / mattings, nettings / Geo-textiles (land – scaping and on embankments of road construction for prevention of soil erosion).


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